Jean-Michel Blanquer’s upset daily life

Jean-Michel Blanquer's upset daily life

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“We went camping”: the upset daily life of Jean-Michel Blanquer

For two months, Jean-Michel Blanquer was on the warpath. To ensure that French students continue to study despite the confinement, the Minister of Education mobilized without counting his hours, disrupting his daily life, reports “Paris Match”.

Jean-Michel Blanquer is pleased to have “stayed the course”. For two months, the Minister of National Education had to organize the continuation of education for millions of confined students and prepare for reopening, highly contested, schools on May 11, respecting health guidelines. A real headache that earned him to wipe some storms. “Here, we experienced a passage from Cape Horn with a ship that was badly handled, surrounded by pirate ships (…) but we passed it “, he assures Paris Match. Not without upsetting a few habits, however.

The captain of the Education ship reclusive for several weeks in his ministry, emptied of his staff due to containment. With the exception of the ten members of his cabinet and the directors of administration who came to the ministry every day, including weekends, the rule of telework was imposed on everyone. The videoconference meetings, usually limited to one per month, were strung together every two days to guarantee the “educational continuity”. So, in Jean-Michel Blanquer’s office, books and files were piled up everywhere.

“Coordinated hummingbirds”

Stigma of unrest within “coordinated hummingbird people” described by the Minister. “You know, we camped for two months”, he explains to Paris Match. If Jean-Michel Blanquer can now catch his breath a little, now that the deconfinement has started, the next few weeks may to reserve a few more challenges to the Minister, according to the cases of contamination with the new coronavirus which appeared in schools reopened on May 11.