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Jovic, a stupid injury

Jovic traded for Haaland?

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The substitute center-forward of Real Madrid.

Luka Jovic was already not popular with Zinedine Zidane, it is not likely to improve … When nothing goes right… Luka Jovic clearly evolves in the shadow of Karim Benzema since arriving at real Madrid. The attacker has few opportunities to play and it is not his injury to the right foot (fracture of the calcaneus bone) that will settle his business. He left for Belgrade in Serbia from March 12 to May 4 during confinement, he was injured in a domestic accident since he was fell from a … wall, according to Kurir media … “He was training in his house following the training program sent by the club and during an exercise he felt severe pain. Who knew it would be so bad ? “, explained his father. For the details as to the exact way in which he was injured, however, he will have to iron. Especially since some sources claimed that he was injured in his house in Madrid and not in Belgrade. “You have to understand me, I can’t say anything, it’s a club order, nobody, not even Luka can say nothing“, added Luka Jovic’s father, who probably did not need such publicity. Pending confirmation of the resumption of the Spanish championship, he will have to take his patience to try to leave him behind that mysterious wound he’ll probably hear about for a while.

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