Juan Arbelaez, his confinement with Laury Thilleman “confirmed” that she was the “right”

Juan Arbelaez, his confinement with Laury Thilleman

Juan Arbelaez posted a touching word on Instagram to talk about his confinement with Laury Thilleman.


During confinement, Laury thilleman and Juan Arbelaez occupied a large part of their days by making videos on which they were seen doing some acrobatics and other sports exercises. Very followed sequences which allowed them to keep the form, the morale, but also to share great moments of complicity.

“We took the opportunity to love each other”

Friday, May 22, 2020, the chef took his Instagram page to publish a long note, returning to these moments and sending an adorable word on the confinement he spent with his partner. “I watch all these videos with a slight feeling of nostalgia. (…) These two months have been precious for me, it was a time to question myself, to grow, to evolve. This confinement also confirmed to me that the person with whom I decided to share my life is the right one. In our busy daily lives, moments together are difficult to find and these two months I see them as a parenthesis in our life but also as a gift. No, it was not easy, yes there were ups and downs, but we also decided to take advantage of this time to grow as much in individuals as in couples. We will not forget this date where billions of people around the world were locked up in their homes, we took the opportunity to love each other, “he wrote.

This message did not fail to touch the fans of the couple. “A pretty statement”, “Very nice message, you two are too cute”, “You are beautiful together”, we read in particular. Others have suspected a happy event. “A little baby on the way?”, “Is there a baby on the way?” They asked.

The one who had been elected Miss France 2011 and the one who had been revealed in “Top Chef” have been living a love story for almost five years. They got married last December in Brest, revealing wedding snapshots on social media at the time.

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