Juan Roig quintuples his commitment to entrepreneurship up to 10 million euros per year

Juan Roig quintuples his commitment to entrepreneurship up to 10 million euros per year

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Mercadona’s president reorganizes the Lanzadera project, which will go from 150 to 300 companies.

Seven and a half years ago, Juan Roig, the president and maximum shareholder of Mercadona, started the Lanzadera program, dedicated to the acceleration of start-up companies. At this time, the Valencian businessman has allocated fifteen million euros, approximately two million euros annually, to these programs, which have also generated another 40 million euros of financing for companies that have been going through the different programs.

Lanzadera has announced that Roig has decided to multiply the commitment to this program for entrepreneurs and from now on it will be ten million euros per year that he will contribute to Lanzadera.

The general manager of Lanzadera, Javier Jiménez, has pointed out that Roig considers that “it is not time to stop, it is time to accelerate”, and for this reason it incorporates two new lines of work and Lanzadera. Two business development and acceleration programs join: one called start, for entrepreneurs who need to start, who have an entrepreneurial spirit even if they don’t even have an idea yet. These will be given 4,000 euros in lost funds and they will be supported and mentored to carry out a project.

The second new line is called scale It is aimed at more mature companies, with more than 40 employees and more than two million euros of annual turnover, that may have encountered problems and need to re-float in the new environment, or that are in a position to grow or internationalize.

In addition, the greater contribution of funds by Roig will serve to expand the financing granted to the companies of the Lanzadera project. Until now, loans of up to 200,000 euros were granted, and a maximum of 500,000 euros was raised.



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