“Keep quiet”: Can children be murderers?


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With a star lineup in a thriller series, AppleTV + takes us through the spring: In “Silence” (originally “Defending Jacob”) Chris Evans investigates a murder case that suddenly affects him and his family closer than he could imagine

You are looking for an exciting thriller series à la “The Sinner” and “The Killing”? Then “keep silent” (original: “Defending Jacob”) our hot tip for you! The series with Chris “Captain America” ​​Evans and Michelle Dockery (“Downton Abbey”) now runs on AppleTV +.

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“Silence”: that’s what it’s about

Andy Barber leads a happy life in a small town in the US state of Massachusetts with his wife Laurie and 14-year-old son Andy. He works as a public prosecutor at the district court, Laurie works for a child care home in the metropolitan area of ​​Boston and together they plan the Christmas vacation in Mexico with Jacob, her typically adolescent-taciturn son. In episode 1, however, the happy suburban life of the Barbers is shaken harshly: a classmate of Jacob is found in the forest with fatal stab wounds. Andy Barber and the local police are investigating.

However, they are more restless than expected: Andy has to look for a needle in the haystack. And yet, many a trace runs right in front of his nose – without the integrity of the public prosecutor seeing or wanting to see it: classmates accuse his own son of murder. But can that be? Wouldn’t Andy and Laurie have noticed if their own child was violent?

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While the Barbers are firmly convinced of their own son’s innocence, the police are investigating a local sex offender. At the same time, Andy has to deal with his own family and their history, which haunts him in nightmares.

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How the prosecutor tries to deal with the allegations against his own son and investigate the case, poses the greatest challenge of his career, probably even his life. Can he, his wife and son withstand the pressure?

“Silence”: This is the cast

“Silence” is a star-studded thriller series: Chris Evans (“Avengers”) embodies Andy Barber, supported by Michelle Dockery (“Downton Abbey”) than his wife Laurie. Jaeden Martell (“It”) plays Jacob Barber and Oscar winner J.K. Simmons (“Whiplash”, “La La Land”) his grandfather Billy Barber.

“Silence”: Here you can see the series

On April 26, 2020, “Silence” started on AppleTV +. A new episode is broadcast every Friday, the first season comprises a total of eight approximately one-hour episodes.

“Silence”: Book template

If you want to know immediately how the story about the Barbers continues and ends, you can read the book template: “Concealment” is a thriller by William Landay, which was published in Germany as an e-book (carl’s books, 3.99 euros) .

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“Silence”: That’s why the series is worth it

If you are a fan of thriller series, you will love “silence”. The look, thanks to the blue filter is very cool and urban, matches the crime series that we love: “The Sinner”, “The Killing” and “Quicksand”. The story is exciting and shattering at the same time: How protagonist Andy Barber doubts, blames himself and then invalidates it and how his family deals with the allegations is almost heartbreaking to look at. The secrets that are uncovered are shattering and bitter and completely disrupt Andy’s life.

Incidentally, the story is told in flashbacks. So as a spectator you are almost live when Andy tries to put together the puzzle of his life.

Until May 29, 2020, new episodes will be broadcast and what can we tell thriller fans besides: We are excited to see who the killer was!

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