Last love letter to his Vanessa showed up

Last love letter to his Vanessa showed up

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Vanessa + Kobe Bryant (†)

This message brings tears to tears! One day before her birthday, Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa finds a last letter from her husband, addressed to “the love of my life”.

What needs to be in Vanessa Bryant, 38, when she received an envelope with the handwriting of her late husband, the basketball icon, last Sunday (May 4) Kobe Bryant († 41) falls into your hands? “To the love of my life” is written on it. A heavenly sign?

Kobe Bryant: His message gives Vanessa strength

The precious find at least triggers a spark of joy in the widow of the former NBA star, in a time of darkness, after all, her beloved husband and daughter Gianna († 13) are only with one in January terrible helicopter crash lost his life.

The valuable message appears exactly one day before Vanessa’s 38th birthday. “I was waiting to open a letter on my birthday,” she writes under a photo on Instagram that shows the yellow envelope in her hand. “It gave me something to look forward to today,” reveals the former dancer.

That is the content of the letter

The content moves to tears. Vanessa finds a drawing of herself carried by an angel. “I miss the love of my life and my sweet little Mamacita,” continues the grieving wife and mother.

“I wish we were all together”

Vanessa draws strength from the love of her remaining children Natalia, 17, Bianka, three, and Capri, ten months. “I am grateful that I woke up with my three cute girls today,” she writes, but the pain of loss is pervasive. “I wish we were all together,” she ends her posting and adds six hearts for each loved family member.

Your heartfelt birthday wish is unfortunately not fulfilled in the way Vanessa hopes. In the heart, however, Kobe and Gianna are forever connected to their loved ones on earth.

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