Laurent Bignolas back on the air, a columnist takes his defense

Laurent Bignolas back on the air, a columnist takes his defense

Télématin: Laurent Bignolas back on the air, a columnist defends

Laurent Bignolas will be back in Télématin this Monday, May 25. The host, under fire from critics for several months, can however count on the support of a member of his team.

A year ago, many columnists from Télématin slammed the door, denouncing their working conditions and their relationships with host Laurent Bignolas. This Saturday, May 23, columnist Frédéric Zeitoun defended his colleague in the Good morning weekend on Non Stop People. They will be on the air from Monday 25 May, after two months off due to the coronavirus pandemic. “With Laurent, we know each other less of course but he’s someone absolutely adorable, me, it’s going very well with him”, he says, adding “You can only judge things by your experience. I saw a gentleman arrive who was absolutely courteous, charming and completely accessible in his everyday life. I know this is not the opinion of all columnists. ”

As for the reasons for the departure of the columnists in question, Frédéric Zeitoun has his little theory : “It wasn’t clear what happened to him. He came into a family with people who had been together for 20 years and came to him saying “now I have to make room for myself at the table”, believes whoever does “Don’t regret” his choice to remain a columnist on the show. “With me, I do not speak on behalf of a union, I do not speak on behalf of a group of columnists, as far as I am concerned, I have always felt respected by this gentleman and I think I have always respected and even more “, he concludes.

The hour of lull?

This Monday, May 18, Laurent Bignolas affirmed that he now had good relationships with his team and the journalists still stationed: “I have a great relationship with them. During the confinement, we never stopped being in contact ”, he told Télé 7 Jours before adding: “ Believe me, three hours of live daily entertainment makes it possible to forge strong and intense ties ”. At the end of 2019, however, Laurent Bignolas was accused by some of “pushing to the end” several members of the editorial staff. The main interested party has always been justified in the face of these accusations. “Some people have found it difficult to bear the changes that have occurred as a result of the chain’s budget policy. This could, indeed, create tensions, he believes. Will there still be tensions? Answer Monday morning on France 2.

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