Learn how to disinfect reusable mouthpieces

Learn how to disinfect reusable mouthpieces

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You should keep in mind that, even if they are reusable masks, due to so many washes they will not last long.

As important as using it daily, so is knowing how to disinfect it in a timely manner. We are talking about the reusable mouth covers, which we know that we will have to wear for some time as a protection measure against Covid-19 and that We must have it clean so that its protection is adequate.

First, It is important to mention that not all masks can be washed and reused. For example, surgical masks, which although highly effective in their first use, should be discarded after a few hours without exception, as they were created precisely to save all contamination on one occasion.

The mouthpieces that can be washed and used again are those made of fabric material, whether you bought it or made it at home. In addition to being easy to make, these masks can and should be washed to be used more safely. Their level of protection is similar to that of hygienic masks, however due to their material, they are susceptible to washing and reuse.

Microwave disinfection. After washing it with soap and water, you should put it in a container with about 50ml of water in the microwave at full power for at least two minutes. The water vapor generated inside allows the disinfection of this type of mask since it does not modify the filtering system of the same. You can also use the conventional oven, with a temperature of 70ºC for about 30 minutes.

Disinfection on the stove. Experts mention that the best way to clean, disinfect and sterilize masks for more than one use is through heat. To do this, we will boil some water and put the mask in for at least 5 minutes. You should bear in mind that, although they are reusable masks, they do not last long, moreover, after several boils, the mask fabric can begin to deteriorate and damage its breathability.

Disinfection in the washing machine. For the disinfection to be correct, it has to be placed in a hot water washing cycle of more than 60ºC. As for the detergent, you can use the usual one, it is not necessary to use any special one. You can take advantage to wash the day’s clothes, sheets or towels but make sure that these clothes resist high temperatures.

Chlorine disinfection. You can immerse them in hot water solution with a few drops of commercial chlorine. The water has to be hot but it does not need to be at 60ºC since we are already adding chlorine as a disinfectant. Leave it in the solution for 10 or 15 minutes, do not leave it too long as the tissue could be damaged. After that time you will have to rinse the mask well with warm water, then let it dry at room temperature or dry in the dryer.

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