Lockdown violation: Johnson consultant Cummings under pressure

Lockdown violation: Johnson consultant Cummings under pressure

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After reports of a breach of the lockdown rules, Dominic Cummings, campaign strategist and key adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is under increasing pressure.

According to media reports, Cummings traveled from London to his parents in Durham, around 430 kilometers away, in late March. At the time, the government itself had symptoms of Covid-19, Cummings said.

Cummings was reportedly seen by a local resident in Durham and reported to the police. According to the “Guardian”, the police confirmed that they had received a report on March 31, but did not give a name.

Self-isolation in his parents’ yard

Officials addressed the owners of the address in question and were reminded of the exit restrictions and self-isolation rules. As the BBC reporter Laura Kuenssberg from the Cummings area wants to know, the government adviser and his wife and young son stayed in a separate building in his parents’ yard for self-isolation.

The government had imposed strict restrictions on freedom of movement just a week earlier. Travel was only allowed in exceptional situations. For symptoms, there was a seven-day self-isolation.

“He has to resign or fly out”

Harsh criticism came from the opposition. “Dominic Cummings’ position is completely unsustainable – he has to resign or fly out,” said SNP leader of the Scottish National Party in the British Parliament, Ian Blackford. The conservative head of government now has serious questions to answer, Blackford said on Twitter on Saturday. He accused the government of having covered up Cumming’s alleged wrongdoing.

Labor MP Tulip Siddiq told the Guardian that the government must now quickly provide explanations. “The British public does not expect there to be one rule for them and another for Dominic Cummings,” said the MP.

No crime concerns about wife and child

Cummings was backed by Minister of State Michael Gove. “Taking care of his wife and child is not a crime,” he tweeted. Foreign Minister Dominic Raab accused critics of wanting to exploit the incident for political trench warfare. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak also joined Cummings. “Taking care of your wife and child is sensible and justifiable. It’s not about wanting to score politically,” he wrote on Twitter.

It was only in early May that the renowned scientist Neil Ferguson from Imperial College had to resign as a government adviser because he received a visit from his girlfriend during the lockdown. The Scottish government’s chief medical advisor, Catherine Calderwood, had broken her own rules and had to take her hat off.

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