Louise Monot and Samir Boitard … These actors as a couple in the city as on the screen (PHOTOS)

Louise Monot and Samir Boitard ... These actors as a couple in the city as on the screen (PHOTOS)

Memory of blood (France 3): Louise Monot and Samir Boitard … These actors as a couple in the city as on the screen (PHOTOS)

Sometimes reality exceeds fiction … This Saturday, France 3 rebroadcasts Mémoire de sang in which Louise Monot and Samir Boitard, as a couple in the city, play husband and wife. Who are these couples of actors who toured together?

Louise Monot camp a character of doctor anesthesiologist, this evening, on France 3, in Blood memory. By his side, his companion in life, Samir Boitard. They met several years ago on the tv movie Where are you now? (France 3). Since then, it’s big love! The format of the series also allows the writers to develop their characters and the links they weave with each other … A way of helping the viewer to get attached, but not only. By dint of touring together, the actors develop a relationship “in real life”. And if in addition they embody a couple on the screen for several years, it may happen that reality exceeds fiction …

Chouchou and Loulou

Alexandra Lamy (Darling) and Jean Dujardin (Loulou) are the most striking example. They meet in 1999 on the set of the short-com Un Guy, une fille (France 2). In 2003, they left their respective partners and lived together. They married in 2009 but separated in 2013 … There was also Vanessa Demouy and Philippe Lellouche who got together in the summer of 2001, in Saint-Tropez while they were shooting a series for TF1. They divorced after 16 years of love and artistic collaborations (cinema, theater, etc.) and having two children. The couple Cecile Wood and Jean-Pierre Michaël meanwhile, is increasing the number of duo series shootings (Candice Renoir, Joséphine Guardian Angel…) In addition to their many personal projects. We recently saw them in the TV movie You will live my daughter (TF1). Together for several years, they got married in 2016 and have two daughters who love to see their parents together on TV.

Most beautiful couples

By their longevity and the number of actors credited in the credits, certain series have created many couples. At the top of the list, More beautiful life (France 3), on the air for almost 15 years … This is particularly the case for Diane Robert (Caroline) and Avy marciano (Sacha) who had previously met in the series South Studio (M6) in the 90s. At the time, they were already playing two lovers. They then ended up in Under the sun (TF1) before landing in More beautiful life. Juliette Oak and Jean-Charles Chagachbanian also found love in Marseille soap in 2007. Both of them regularly tread stage boards. same for me Cecilia Hornus (White) and Thierry Ragueneau (François until 2006), who long cast doubt on their relationship but got married after 13 years of living together. Elodie Varlet (Estelle) and Jérémie Pope (who played the role of Romain, the murderer of judge Estève) are today parents of two children. They then both played in the series Cut!

Couple with life and screen

The couple of actors Marie Krémer and Bruno Debrandt, married since 2012 and parents since 2016, are not found so often on the sets, but in 2014, the actressA French Village (France 3), found the hero of Cain (France 2) for one episode during season 2 … The series also have fun doing the opposite … Playing together an already existing couple. So Alain Doutey and Arielle Séménoff (lthe parents of Mélanie Doutey), seem so well matched that they embody the parents of Alex Bertrand (Alexandre Brasseur) in Tomorrow belongs to us (TF1).

Discover all these couples in our slideshow.


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