Man (61) suspects no evil, suddenly his car is pierced

Man (61) suspects no evil, suddenly his car is pierced

© Police Cologne

Sheer horror in downtown Cologne: A 61-year-old had to stop at traffic lights due to traffic when a pickaxe suddenly pierced his car roof. As the police announced on Wednesday evening, the Renault driver from the Rhein-Sieg district was on the way to Neumarkt when the accident occurred.

Pickaxe pierces car roof in Cologne city center

The 61-year-old had to stop at traffic lights and had no idea when he got the shock of his life. The roof of his car was knocked right next to him on the passenger side. Nothing else than a pickaxe!

Fortunately, the passenger seat was not occupied. The 61-year-old driver also got away without injuries. At least physically, but he won’t forget the horror so quickly.

According to police investigations, the background to the incident was a chain of unfortunate circumstances and not an insidious attack on the 61-year-old. The motorist stopped with his Renault – by the way a rental car – due to traffic, exactly at a construction site on Neumarkt, when there was an accident on the outer scaffolding.

Horror accident in Cologne is due to unfortunate circumstances

A worker reportedly stumbled. He stumbled and was unable to hold onto a pickaxe he was carrying at the time. The heavy device fell from the scaffolding, hit a canopy of the construction site protection, bounced off and hurled at the Renault.

The impact was so violent that the pickaxe pierced the car roof and got stuck in the metal. Fortunately, the 61-year-old was not injured. However, it is still interesting how he wants to explain the damage to the rental car to the rental company. (jv)

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