Maradona donates a signed jersey

Maradona donates a signed jersey

There is a dedication by Maradona on the jersey

Former soccer star Diego Maradona showed solidarity in his home in Argentina during the corona crisis. The 59-year-old donated a signed jersey from the World Cup success in 1986 to an auction in Buenos Aires.

The corresponding soup kitchen in a poor district on the outskirts supplies numerous socially and financially disadvantaged people. “Diego can’t even imagine what he did for us, it’s invaluable. I’ll be grateful to him until the day I die,” said resident Marta Gutierrez.

Maradona signed his shirt with the words “we will make it” and gave the residents courage. Argentina is also in the middle of the corona crisis in a severe economic crisis. More and more companies have to close and many residents slide below the subsistence level.


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