Marc Lavoine, tender and admiring to speak of “the woman of his life”, Line Papin

Marc Lavoine, tender and admiring to speak of

Marc Lavoine confided on Saturday in the program “50 ‘inside” on TF1, talking about his career but also his private life by proudly mentioning his partner, Line Papin.


It’s already been two years since Marc Lavoine spins perfect love with Line Papin, a 33-year-old novelist whom he had met in a studio. An artistic love at first sight that quickly turned into a great love story, the 57-year-old artist even dedicated a song to his companion, “Ma Papou” (taken from his twelfth album “Je reviens à toi” ), whose clip was produced for the occasion by Line Papin herself.

“I find natural and legitimate recognition for his work”

Saturday May 23, 2020, Marc Lavoine was interviewed by Nikos Aliagas in his show “50 ‘insideOn TF1. The composer-performer spoke about parts of his career, which started over 35 years ago, but also confided with tenderness on Line Papin, whom he describes as being “the woman of (his) life”. “She comes from a country called Vietnam, which is the theme of her book” The bones of the girls “, which was a success, it is a wonderful book. And I am delighted because when people have talent and they work a lot … I find it natural and legitimate to be recognized for his work, ”he said.

Marc Lavoine, whose performances of his first musical “The red shoes” have so far been stopped because of the Covid-19, also admitted that his couple was inter alia strongly linked by “literature, poetry, melodies “. “Even so, when we are given beauty to see, life is more beautiful,” he concluded.

Secret marriage?

Last year, he proudly admitted to “Liberation” that he was “Line Papin’s fiancé”. For the time being, the lovebirds have not announced a union, even if they each display a silver alliance – visible to the singer during his interview for “50 ‘inside” and seen on Line’s hand on a his Instagram photos, posted on February 2.

It would be a second union for him, who had been married between 1995 and 2018 to designer Sarah Poniatowski, the mother of his three youngest children, Yasmine (22) Roman (13) and Milo (9) ). Marc Lavoine is also the father of an older son, Simon (34), born from a previous union.

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