M’Baye Niang ignites (again) for OM!

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The Rennes striker M’Baye Niang once again expressed himself on Olympique de Marseille in a live Instagram, this Saturday evening.

For the past few months, M’Baye Niang has not hidden his interest in Olympique de Marseille. “ If a club like Olympique de Marseille came to ring the charge tomorrow to try to recruit me, I would not be insensitive. We will have to take the time and when the time comes, see what we decide “, had recently released the striker of Stade Rennais in remarks granted to The Team. And OM supporters have been able to attest that the enthusiasm of the Senegalese international for the Marseille club was intact on Saturday evening, during an improvised discussion on Instagram with the rapper of the Fonky Family, Sat. Addressing and mixing several themes, the Rennes striker proves that he followed the OM season well.

Niang dissects OM season

“Some said that OM did not have the manpower to play second place but I’m sorry, a guy like Germain, he is very very useful, said Niang in remarks taken up by The Phocaean. In Lille, he unlocks the match. Despite being criticized, he had this lucidity. These three points in Lille, it counted, and it’s Aké the young kid who returns, it’s Germain, it’s Benedetto who sets foot … the workforce they have. In Marseille, you need a lot of character. Mehdi can tell you, I was very inspired by Higuain. He made lots of clubs, he made Real, Naples, Juve. There was always a time when we wanted to kick him out. He returned to Juve last year, we gave him the number 21, there was Cristiano Ronaldo … But Higuain, against Inter it is he who scores, against Naples he makes you a hook on Koulibaly … this is the character we should have. When I was young, I told myself that attacking was making fans thrill. But the end is to score goals. In Rennes, we made them like it: they had won more trophies in a long time, they had never qualified for the Champions League, they had never passed the pools of the Europa League. We did it. We only remember the guys who win. For my future, ‘Mamade’ decides ”.


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