McLaughlin’s US debut threatens to be delayed

McLaughlin's US debut threatens to be delayed

May date was canceled anyway, but Scott McLaughlin will probably not be able to keep up with a new July date for circuit races in Indianapolis either

Without the coronavirus pandemic, the Indianapolis Grand Prix would have been held last Saturday. And on that occasion, two-time and reigning Supercars champion Scott McLaughlin would have made his racing debut in the IndyCar series. That was what the plans of the Penske team meant and thanks to the strong impression McLaughlin at two Texas tests in February had left in the # 2 Penske-Chevrolet, everything was done.

The spread of the corona virus and the associated consequences, however, thwarted the plan. The Indianapolis Grand Prix is ​​on May 9th postponed to July 4th. This date would have been theoretically possible for McLaughlin because there was no race scheduled for this weekend in the original Supercars calendar.

However, since the Supercars series, like the IndyCar series and all other racing series worldwide, has to extensively redesign its 2020 calendar, McLaughlin’s IndyCar debut threatens to be delayed for more than two months. It is now conceivable that the Supercars series will continue its season that has been interrupted since March on this first weekend in July in Eastern Creek.

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His Supercars commitments threaten to thwart McLaughlin’s IndyCar plan

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This plan has not yet been adopted, but according to current information from Australia, after the race weekends in Melbourne, Symmons Plains, Hampton Downs and Barbagallo that have already been canceled or postponed, the two race weekends in Winton and Townsville that were originally planned for June are at risk of being postponed or canceled.

Those responsible for the Australian touring car racing series want to present the concrete plans for the resumption of the Supercars season later this week. At the end of February, the season opener in Adelaide was the only race weekend to date on schedule. McLaughlin finished the two runs there on P2 and P1 and has been the leader in the absence of any other races since then.

McLaughlin will end the 2020 Supercars season under contract with DJR Team Penske, targeting his third title win after 2018 and 2019. For 2021, the New Zealander believes there is a good chance of switching to the IndyCar series on a full-time basis. But he has to postpone his early debut in the US formula series. It may not be possible in 2020 at all. There will be more clarity when the changed Supercars calendar is available.

McLaughlin may have to console himself with winning the unofficial overall rating of the IndyCar iRacing Challenge. At the on May 2nd controversial The IndyCar Series Sim Racing Tour has not been given an official title. Based on the unofficial overall ranking of the six e-sports races, McLaughlin would have been the champion.

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