Metta World Peace with the next crazy action

Metta World Peace with the next crazy action

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Metta World Peace has now combined its name with that of its second wife Maya Ford

This man is always good for a surprise: Ron Artest junior aka Metta World Peace aka Pandas Friend is called differently again.

Because he recently married his girlfriend Maya Ford, the former NBA star now wants to be called Metta Ford Artest. This revealed the 40-year-old ex-player of the Los Angeles Lakers on the network show Inside the Green Room with Danny Green.

Reminder: In 2011 Artest had first changed its name to Metta World Peace. The reasoning sounded almost brilliant at the time: “I was tired of Ron Artest, it’s a dirty word,” he said Los Angeles Times: “And when fans get angry with me, they cannot say: ‘I hate world peace’.”

Metta is a Buddhist term that means “loving-kindness”. Incidentally, Artest, once known for his rather rustic style of play, is said to have helped a fortune teller to find the name.

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Rumors about Panda Friend

Strange: The former Small Forward, for years as a scandal pasta of the NBA, after he was involved in a mass brawl, among other things and confessed to having consumed alcohol during breaks, is said to have changed his name again in 2014 after moving abroad.

During his time in China there were rumors that Metta World Peace had become a Panda Friend. So now the possibly third prank: in Metta Ford-Artest.

“I took my wife’s last picture and added it to mine,” he said.

Other NBA stars change their names

Artest is by no means the first NBA star to change its name. Prominent players can be found in the series of his predecessors, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Hakeem Olajuwon, World B. Free and Bison Dele.

However, Artest is the first NBA player to change his name several times.

It remains to be noted that he did not once accept the name of his first wife, Kimsha Hatfield – and may simply be called Ron by his current wife.


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