Microsoft allows its employees to continue teleworking until November

Microsoft allows its employees to continue teleworking until November

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The telecommuting it has gone from being a discriminated option by many companies to becoming the main method of work due to the pandemic of the coronavirus. Worse,what will happen when the pandemic is controlled?

In GermanyFor example, the Government is studying new legislation to allow employees continue working from home when the crisis is over, with forceful statements by Labor Minister Hubertus Heil: “Everyone who wants to and whose workplace allows it should be able to work from home, even when the new coronavirus pandemic is over.” Will companies join the telework with viable option in the day to day?

World leaders like Microsoft, who recently successfully tested a four-day workdaywill allow its employees to continue working from home until at least November, including the entire month of October, “a company spokesperson in the United States confirmed to ‘Business Insider‘.

The government of Donald trump It advised a gradual return to physical work, but the company prefers to delay the return of its employees to offices.

“When the restriction is lifted, telework will remain optional until the end of October unless workers play a key role in the company,” the spokesperson explained.

Microsoft is one of the most important companies in the world of technology, with more than 144,000 employees worldwide. 85,000 of them work in the United States.

This decision of the company founded by Bill gates extending teleworking dates is similar to the announcement made by Amazon, which last week decreed that most of its employees will be allowed to work from home until October 2.


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