Minsait (Indra) launches a solution to facilitate online sales for companies

Minsait (Indra) launches a solution to facilitate online sales for companies

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Minsait, Indra’s digital transformation division, has developed a solution to facilitate access for companies and businesses to electronic sales.

The company has presented to the market the implementation of its Salesforce Commerce Cloud e-commerce platform, which allows all types of industries and businesses to have in eight weeks a differential value electronic commerce system that will help them encourage digital sales after the Covid-19.

The proposal is a modality with basic functionality that, in addition, Minsait has integrated with one of its products in the ‘suite’ of payments Onesait Payments, specialized in online payments and unique in the market, which enriches it with management sales, shipping and billing much faster, integrated and secure.

In this way, the solution strengthens the ‘online’ positioning of businesses with a solid and versatile technological platform, which allows companies to manage complex catalogs more dynamically, activate fast and personalized promotions, control off-site multi-stock, integrate with other management systems, facilitate centralized and secure payments, and simplify the relationship with logistics operators, among other capabilities.

The solution benefits both the sectors most impacted by confinement and social distancing, as well as those others who, with the change of scenery motivated by COVID-19, have reflected on the importance of equipping themselves with greater and better digital resources, but Also to those who seek to strengthen their online bet with more agile and powerful platforms to increase their penetration in the channel.

“Competitiveness in ecommerce today is not only price, product and convenience. Operational efficiency plays a crucial role and is key to success online”, defends María José Romero, director of eCommerce and Digital Experience at Minsait, while underlining how Today, more than ever, “it is necessary to have a professional online presence, complete and with a differential customer experience.”

According to Minsait data, before the crisis generated by Covid-19, the ‘online’ billing of eCommerce was maintained with a sustained growth of 25% per year, but the coronavirus has triggered this indicator in many sectors, highlighting the growth in products consumption and food.

The situation of confinement caused by the pandemic has radically changed the perspectives of future purchasing models. 20% of people who had never shopped online before the pandemic have now started to do so, tearing down the main wall for the growth of the digital channel: ignorance and lack of trust.

In addition, ‘online’ sales “have demonstrated the ability to serve the risk population that did not use it, such as the elderly or the disabled, and that means incorporating a market segment that until now has been practically non-existent,” says the company.

“Given this new scenario, there is no doubt that producers, distributors and intermediaries will intensify their commitment to the activation of their own digital channels, drawing a scenario of opportunities not previously explored in the online world,” concludes María José Romero.



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