NBA player wins $ 300,000 in lottery thanks to homeless

NBA player wins $ 300,000 in lottery thanks to homeless

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Gilbert Arenas

The history of the lottery Gilbert Arenas It is one of the most surreal of these days without sport, when thanks to a homeless man he took the winning number of the lottery. The former Warriors, Wizards, Magic and Grizzlies he took 300,000 euros in the ‘Powerball‘American.

The player himself tells on his Instagram how May 12 was his lucky day. Arenas left the house in a hurry to play his favorite numbers and he left his wallet at home. When he could see, to make matters worse, the tank of his car was without gasoline and had to stop to refuel with the ten dollars I had in cash.

When stopping to refuel, a beggar approached him asking for some alms. Arenas tried to get rid of him, but at the insistence of the destitute, the basketball player offered to give him $ 5 and spend the same amount on gasoline to get to your frequent betting place.

However, the man made him another offer that Arenas did not reject. “Since you are not going to arrive with 5 dollars, stay 10 and when you win the lottery you give me 20“was the proposal of the destitute according to the NBA.” I know you will win 100%, “he said.

The next day, when Arenas woke up, he had received a message on his mobile: “Congratulations, you’ve earned $ 300,000However, he thought it was a scam since he had not played. However, when he went to the service station where he usually plays, the owner communicated the news to him.I played your numbers because I closed early and you won“the manager told Arenas.

The winner of the lottery also says that this weekend he went to visit the destitute and give him his share, a figure that he did not reveal. “He jumped up and hugged me for five minutes crying and then started praying“He explained.” I have donated money many times to homeless people, but had never been blessed by one. His good heart blessed that lottery ticket, “Arenas ended up writing on his Instagram.

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Scott Brooks, Washington Wizards coach, shaves his head

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