Neighbors of Santa Cruz appreciate that work is carried out on two sections of Mateos Gago at the same time “to shorten construction times”

Neighbors of Santa Cruz appreciate that work is carried out on two sections of Mateos Gago at the same time

© Eduardo Briones – Europa Press
Mateos Gago Street

“The fact of starting the work from both ends is something positive because the execution deadlines could be shortened by ten months,” the president of the neighborhood association, María José del Rey, told Europa Press.

Residents have expressed confidence in the fact that the work is proceeding normally, “the problems with the previous winner have been solved” and have been cautious with the final result. “We are satisfied with the unique platform design, although we would have liked another type of paving stone, but we are concerned that the set is not tidy and the projected idea is not respected,” said Del Rey.

The neighborhood spokeswoman has warned that during the period of works, many elderly residents could have accessibility problems, an issue that they have transferred to the Casco Antiguo District. As for the residents with garages in the area, who will suffer traffic cuts, it is not such an important issue, “a priori”, due to the fact that “few are affected” and some already have alternative places outside the environment. “Vehicle owners already know about the mobility plan, which is very positive.”


The neighborhood president, who has expressed her satisfaction with the consensus reached on this issue and the information received from the District, has assured that the tastings carried out in the area years ago by Emasesa “should serve to accelerate the pace of work” .

The intervention planned in Mateos Gago proposes an extension of the pavements, reducing the one destined for the roadway and the parking of vehicles. Along the entire street, a 3.10-meter-wide central road is established, flanked on both sides by two-meter footpaths, and then another 1.40-meter strip is developed in which the trees and the watchmen.


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