Neil Ferguson resigns because of affair

Neil Ferguson resigns because of affair

As a consultant, Neil Ferguson persuaded the British government to introduce strict corona rules. He himself met with his affair despite curfew – and has now resigned from his post.

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Until a few days ago, Neil Ferguson was a kind of British Christian Drosten. He advises the British government on the corona crisis, delivers to the Prime Minister’s government Boris Johnson the scientific basis for the strict exit restrictions, that have been in effect since March 23.

But “Professor Lockdown”, as the British media call him, has not always adhered to the contact lock. Instead, his lover visited him. Multiple times. Now the top researcher has resigned as a government advisor. “I did wrong,” said Ferguson. He deeply regrets not having maintained the necessary social distance.

Ferguson is an epidemiologist and professor of mathematical biology at Imperial College in London. There he leads a team that uses data models to monitor the spread of the Corona virus simulated. According to the university, he should now concentrate entirely on his research.

“A case for the police”

Health Minister Matt Hancock was shocked in an interview with Sky. E was “speechless” in the face of the rule violation, even more: “This is a case for the police.”

The love-afflicted professor’s case also attracts so much attention because he had already spent two weeks in complete isolation after a positive Covid 19 test in March. So far it is unclear whether patients are actually immune and are no longer contagious after an infection.

The British Daily Telegraph reports that Ferguson’s mistress visited him at least twice during the lockdown at home. The woman is said to be a 38-year-old German who has lived on the island since 2003.

Politicians and celebrities disregard Lockdown

Ferguson is not the only prominent Briton who has had to vacate his post after breaking the lockdown rules. The Scottish government’s top health expert, Catherine Calderwood, has also resigned after violations.

She and her family had repeatedly gone to a vacation home and taken walks on the beach instead of staying at home. “I didn’t follow the advice I gave to others,” she said at a press conference.

Not only politicians, but also athletes are criticized for violating the rules. According to British media reports, the police have recently warned Wayne Rooney.

The former captain of the English national football team was on a golf course with Manchester City player Kyle Walker; both had their families with them.


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