New love – and he can’t get out of the crush

New love - and he can't get out of the crush

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Alexander Herrmann

It showed up in November 2019 “The Taste” star chef Alexander Herrmann (48) at the premiere of his “Palazzo” dinner show in Nuremberg for the first time alongside his new love Maxi Friedrichs (37). And now he raves about his maxi in an interview on the occasion of his episode guest appearance on “Dahoam is Dahoam” on “”.

Alexander Herrmann is in love again

TV chef Alexander has had two marriages but he has found a new happiness – even if for the time being without marriage certificate. With the answer to the question of how and where the two met, he still holds back, but it is clear that his new love is a jeweler by training and comes from Bamberg.

And since love is known to go through the stomach, the star chef knows only the best about Maxi’s cooking skills.

Thomas Müller has been dating his wife Lisa for over a decade. This does not detract from love, the two have a crush as on the first day, as you can see here:

Alexander Herrmann raves about Maxi’s culinary skills

Hermann raves in the interview: “My partner does it perfectly. She has no problem with my ambitions and cooks freely according to my mood, completely informally and without pressure. Without slime: I like it and you can’t pretend.”

This is a big compliment, because Alexander Hermann already has a very demanding taste due to his job. Without it, you wouldn’t get two Michelin stars! And there is also another kitchen thing in common: “Of course I have often prepared something and then bring it home, but usually it has to be quick and not cause much dirt. Neither of us have anything in mind when cleaning.”

As on November 25, 2019 Alexander’s beloved grandmother Herta died, at the fabulous age of 104, Maxi assisted him in the time of mourning. The great love helps to cope with the grief better.

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