New rules for German airports

New rules for German airports

Passengers have to adapt to changing processes. The industry association ADV wants a uniform mask requirement. He also has a clear position on the introduction of medical checks.

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The airplanes are still on the ground – safe rules should protect against infection with the corona virus in the future

Obligation to wear a mask at certain points, rectified and therefore slower processes, but initially no medical checks – this is the guideline that the industry association ADV presented in Berlin. The package of measures is intended to virtually eliminate the risk of infection for the lung disease COVID-19 if air traffic resumes, it said.

It became clear that there is currently no uniform obligation to wear mouth-nose protection in the terminals at German airports. So far, only the states of Berlin, Bremen, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony have ordered this for the entire airport, as ADV general manager Ralph Beisel admitted. In the other countries, there is currently only a bid or an obligation to carry items at the points of air security control and baggage return. But he is optimistic that the other countries will follow suit, said Beisel.

Long queues without a safe distance, like here at Munich Airport, should be avoided

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Long queues without a safe distance, like here at Munich Airport, should be avoided

More buses – fewer seats

The association recommends that the airports equalize the passenger processes. For example, more check-in counters should open and more buses should run if the passengers had to be driven to the apron. In the waiting areas, seats would have to be blocked and queues organized in such a way that the minimum distance to the side could also be maintained. If the proposals are implemented, the infrastructure will lose 20 to 50 percent of its capacity, meaning that only half of the previous number of passengers could be handled.

German airports are also opposed to medical checks when boarding or alighting. Thermal imaging cameras or fever measurements are not suitable for identifying carriers of the coronavirus, according to experts. If checks were ordered by the authorities, the airports would prefer questionnaires to be filled out by the passengers.

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