“Neymar was born to be different”


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Friends like pigs.

After three seasons together at FC Barcelona, ​​two at PSG without forgetting the Brazilian national selection, Dani Alves and Neymar are inseparable. The current player from São Paulo has given himself up to the personality of his friend in an interview given to the program. Jogo Alberto. The side recognizes that the Parisian number ten is not yet completely loose, due to the pressure that rests on his shoulders: “Why is Neymar not yet the absolute national idol? I think he has too many responsibilities. What he does with his life is not criminal since he always produces results on the ground. People think we don’t have a problem, we don’t have things to deal with, no reason for stress. “, he analyzes.

So the Most successful Brazilian in history reminds that there is no point in constantly overwhelming footballers, recalling their duty: “We are human. He’s one of the purest people I’ve ever met, but he has his personality. He was born to be different. What I always say is that he has to focus on what is in his hands, which is to play and get results for his team. “

“T … T … T … You’re different! “


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