Niang comes out of silence to make things clear

Rennes - Seduced by OM, Niang

M’Baye Niang posted a message on his Twitter account to clarify the rumors that have circulated about him.

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Mbaye Niang (Rennes)

M’Baye Niang will he still Rennes next season? This question torments the minds of supporters of the Breton club. And for good reason, for a few months, the Senegalese international striker has multiplied the calls of the foot towards the Olympique de Marseille. “If a club like Olympique de Marseille came to ring the charge tomorrow to try to recruit me, I would not be insensitive. We will have to take the time and when the time comes, see what we decide “, had recently released the striker of Stade Rennais in remarks granted to The team. The player had also confided in a live Instagram with the rapper of the Fonky Family Sat that he followed particularly OM.

The development of M’Baye Niang

World Eleven reported on Friday that the attacker, currently confined to the south of France, M’Baye Niang would have terminated the lease to rent his home in Brittany. The main interested party wanted to make a point on social networks to put an end to any emerging controversy: “Media friends, I have a lot of respect for your papers in general, but you must not start to create unnecessary controversies about me, he wrote in a message posted on Twitter. On the one hand, I have a lot of respect for the Rennes club. On the other hand, I repatriated personal effects following an unfortunate burglary that my family and I suffered … ”

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