“No fear of death”: Ecclestone annoyed by Corona


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Bernie Ecclestone and his wife Fabiana currently live in the Brazil isolation

At the age of 89, ex-Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone belongs to the high-risk group in the corona pandemic. Together with his 45 year younger wife Fabiana, he is currently on his farm in Brazil. The couple wanted to go on holiday here for two weeks at the beginning of March and have been stuck there ever since.

Because in Brazil, too, the number of people infected and killed increases every day. “The world has changed for us too. But here with the 30 employees we are still in a tolerable situation. Even if I can hardly see these perpetual TV shows about Corona,” Eccelstone reports the ‘Blick’ from the isolation.

He and the many animals that live on the farm, including cattle, chickens and horses, need not fear bottlenecks. With tons of feed, especially corn, be prepared. He takes care of the chickens himself, says Ecclestone: “Twice a day I return to the farm with about 20 eggs from the chicken coop!”

Corona isolation in Brazil: everyone is doing well

Otherwise, the food supplies would not be scarce, the former Formula 1 boss assured. “We can order everything. Then it is dropped off in front of the hermetically sealed gates and we can fetch it by car. Fortunately, all employees are doing well here too.” You protect yourself with sufficient masks.

His pregnant wife, who is expecting her first child with Ecclestone in the summer, is also doing well. “Our son should be born at the end of June,” reveals the father-to-be. “Since Brazil is still dense, we have already prepared a lot here. But Switzerland would be our favorite if we could fly.”

The 89-year-old does not worry about his own health. “At my age, you are no longer afraid of death. You are just grateful, look forward to every phone call. And luckily, Fabiana has made great strides in backgammon, so the days are getting a little shorter,” he jokes.

Birth of the son “another highlight”

“It is only important that Fabiana and the baby are doing well. The birth of my first son will definitely be a highlight in my life!” From his first two marriages, Ecclestone already has three daughters and is also a great-grandfather. In the summer of 2012, he gave the yes word to his third wife Fabiana.

With regard to the Formula 1 season 2020, the Briton said: “This will be a big task that can hardly be mastered in these difficult and uncertain times. That would have pushed me to the limit.” Above all, he sees “a great adventure” financially, because without viewers, a large part of the income breaks down.

“If you really want to start with unpaid ghost races in Spielberg, Silverstone and Budapest without motorhomes and lots of tests, the logistical task is hardly feasible. I would have canceled the season – and everyone could have focused on 2021. Now maybe they can manage eight races . ”


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