no vaccine for a year, in an “optimistic” scenario

no vaccine for a year, in an

In the midst of a controversy over access to the vaccine against the new coronavirus launched by Sanofi, the European Medicines Agency is cautious about a possible calendar.

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The Parisian

We will have to be patient. While access to a hypothetical future vaccine against the new coronavirus gives rise to a lively controversy between the French laboratory Sanofi and the government, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is very cautious about the timing of this potential discovery.

“We can see the possibility if everything goes as planned that some (vaccines) are ready to be approved within a year,” Marco Cavaleri, director of strategy at EMA, said on Thursday in a video- conference.

“These are just predictions based on what we see. But I have to stress again that in the best of scenarios, we know that all of the vaccines in development may not get through to clearance and may disappear, “he added. “We also know there may be delays.”

Access to vaccine must be “universal”

The EMA, an agency of the European Union based in Amesterdam, is “a bit skeptical” about information suggesting that a vaccine will be ready as early as September. Cavaleri also downplayed fears from the World Health Organization (WHO) that the new coronavirus could “never go away”.

“I think it is a little too early to say, but we have good reason to be optimistic enough that vaccines are coming,” he said, “I will be surprised if we fail finally find no vaccine for Covid-19. “

Serum still, in the wake of the controversy provoked by Sanofi, Stefan de Keersmaecker, a spokesperson for the European Commission, recalled that “the vaccine against Covid-19 must be a good of public utility and its access must be equitable and universal ”.


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