Not all protesters are “covidios”

Not all protesters are “covidios”

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The demonstrations bring together right-wing and left-wing radicals, opponents of vaccination and conspiracy theorists – but also those who are simply skeptical.

The pictures were disturbing: Without a mouthguard and especially without a distance, tens of thousands protested against the corona restrictions in German cities, including Cologne, over the weekend. Who was it on the street? Among other things, in their anger united right and left radicals, conspiracy theorists and vaccination opponents up to citizens of the Reich. Another rally has been announced for the coming days.

Poisoned and explosive mood

The so-called “hygiene demos” are not only absurd. They also show how strongly the corona crisis polarizes our society. Aggressive mobsters who attack police officers and roar “resistance” and “we are the people” are an expression of how poisoned and explosive the mood in some circles of the population is already.

But it is wrong to make a blanket judgment about everyone who takes to the streets against restrictions and interference with individual freedom. It is even more fatal to label all skeptics as “Corona deniers” or “Covidians”, as is now happening on social networks.

Yes, there are the conspiracy theorists and the “aluminum hat bearers”. But there is also the other, object-oriented protest. In the first months of the corona pandemic, there were numerous different assessments by politicians and scientists. Questioning them and wrestling for the best arguments is the essence of a democratic debate. It needs the contradiction.


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