Not only Trump can be embarrassed

Not only Trump can be embarrassed

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Joe Biden, former US Vice President and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, does not always cut a good figure Source: picture alliance / dpa

The most beautiful gift that the American Democrats gave to ruling President Donald Trump is called Joe Biden. The man is the top candidate for president and is supposed to beat the populist in the White House.

Last December, he told a man at an event in Iowa who had doubts about Biden’s son Hunter’s dubious business in the Ukraine expresses that he is “A damned liar”. Since it was also about Biden’s physical constitution, Biden asked voters to hold a push-up competition.

In February, Biden cheered his audience on with the sentence: “My name is Joe Biden, I am the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.” His pledges are legendary and so numerous that one doubts his intellectual presence: “Poor Children are just as talented as white children. “” We prefer the truth over facts! ”

In April, he hosts a meeting with Hillary Clinton and nods in front of the camerawhen Clinton is talking. In early May, he spoke in one of the most popular morning programs in the United States (“Morning Joe”) about the allegations of a woman named Tara Reade that he had molested her sexually. The moderator asks him whether files can be searched to investigate the allegations, because the papers are confidential, only by name of the woman. Biden doesn’t understand the question, once, twice. Then evades. Silence for seconds. The viewer suffers. But not with bids.

This week, Biden is telling a black radio host that voters who are unsure whether to vote for him or for Trump are “Not black” be. On top of that, he used an emphatically casual wording that some black people often use.

And again and again Biden kisses his granddaughter on the mouth in a way that may be okay in his family. But which should disturb most voters.

Not that the incumbent president produced less embarrassing moments. But he doesn’t try it in a serious way, and that’s exactly what his voters appreciate about him, no matter how much Hydroxychloroquine the man still recommends and swallows. Biden wants to and must be the counter model. You will see if he can still do it.



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