Nuggets & Pipes: Xilam Animation

Nuggets & Pipes: Xilam Animation

Nuggets & Pipelines: Xilam Animation – 12/05

Duration: 04:30

2 hours ago

This Tuesday, May 12, Charles François, portfolio manager at FOX Asset Management, recommends buying the title Xilam Animation, a French company producing animation series, in Pépites & Pipeaux in the show Intégrale Placements presented by Guillaume Sommerer and Cédric Decoeur. Integrale Placements is to see or listen to from Monday to Friday on BFM Business. Take advantage of 2 hours of expertise with Guillaume Sommerer and Cédric Decoeur. Surrounded by economists and wealth managers, they provide you with tips and advice to better manage your capital and decipher the trends in the stock market. Do not miss each day, the real estate chronicle at 10:20 am, at 11:00 am, the face to face meeting between two personalities and at 11:45 am the answers to all your questions. BFM Business is the leading French channel for continuous economic and financial information, with exclusive interviews with bosses, entrepreneurs, politicians, experts and economists in order to cover all French and international news . BFM Business also offers advice for your finances by leading personalities in the fields of heritage, real estate or financial markets. Meet every day: Christophe Jakubyszyn, Faïza Garel-Younsi, Nicolas Doze, Hedwige Chevrillon, Jean-Marc Daniel, Anthony Morel, Guillaume Sommerer, Cédric Decoeur, Karine Vergniol, Grégoire Favet, Sébastien Couasnon, Emmanuel Lechypre, Benaouda Abdeddaïm, Stéphanie Coleau … BFM Business is available live on radio, live on TV as well as live and replay on