Omar Montes goes outside to help his neighbors and show us his other facet

Omar Montes goes outside to help his neighbors and show us his other facet

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We all know Omar Montes for its appearance on television or for the themes that have so much starred in our party nights. But the truth is that the man from Madrid has with an altruistic side that has shown us in these difficult times that we all go through.

The crisis of COVID-19 It has been a severe blow to millions of people around the world. Its economic consequences have led many to lack of food on a daily basis, being forced to go to some of the centers enabled to receive a minimum of products. But Omar Montes has decided to go outside to help the neighbors in his neighborhood: the humble Pan Bendito de Madrid.

The newspaper The country has accompanied the singer on this particular initiative, filling the shopping basket in the supermarket and visiting the homes of the inhabitants of this Madrid area. Of course, always with his mask Louis Vuitton and respecting security measures.

Omar assures that there are many requests that come from his most needy neighbors. He attends an average of 20 or 30 people. On the one hand, there are the elderly who do not want to go outside to avoid contagion and, on the other, large families. “I don’t expect anything in return, not even a thank you. I just feel good about myself. I feel happy. I feel like I help people and I fall asleep then happy”, points out our protagonist.

This personal NGO of Omar has revolutionized social networks. So much so that, minutes after the publication of this report, his name has crept into the trends of Twitter. It is not surprising, since there are few occasions when we see a successful artist walk the streets of his neighborhood to cover the basic needs of his neighbors without receiving anything in return.

And it is that the users did not take long to flood the social networks with beautiful comments towards the singer. “All my respect, admiration and thanks,” says Rodrigo Pumarejo. “Chapó because of what Omar Montes is doing,” adds Antonio. “Really, incredible what Omar Montes is doing,” writes Paola.

Omar Montes once again becomes the focus of attention. This time to remind us that behind all stars is the altruism of a person whose sole objective is to give without receiving anything in return. Thanks, Omar!


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