OnePlus 65 W charger found on the Internet

OnePlus 65 W charger found on the Internet

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The OnePlus group could radically boost the recharging of its smartphones, climbing to 65 W.

OnePlus has been honoring fast charging on its smartphones for a few years now, with Warp Charge 30 technology. Recently, the manufacturer has also proposed a charging station. wireless charging, always at 30 W.

OnePlus: towards a 65W “Super Warp Charge Turbo Ultra”?

Soon, OnePlus should, however, significantly boost the power of its fast recharge. Indeed, a new 65 W charger has recently been seen on a certification platform. A 65 W charger (10 V / 6.5 A), significantly more powerful than the current 30 W block (5 V / 6 A). It remains to be seen now when this new charger will be available and which terminals will be able to take full advantage of it.

Source: TechRadar


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