“Open up to others; dare to be vulnerable” and more revelations by Michelle Obama in her documentary for Netflix


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Two years after leaving the White House (in 2018), Michelle Obama published a successful memoir, Becoming (My Story), which quickly became a bestseller and featured at mass gatherings around the world. These are some of the intimate revelations that the Netflix documentary shows.

In the camera’s extensive follow-up of the former First Lady during her world tour, we see a charismatic, natural, and self-confident Michelle Obama trying to infect others. In his interventions he calls to eliminate prejudices and believe in others to change the world.

“I am convinced that what we have in common is profound, real and unmistakable. When speaking of the future, many of us fear to speak of our hopes out loud. We all have a story to tell, and each story is valuable,” she says in one of his last interventions through his Instagram account.


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