Oriana responds to criticism for attending the VOX demonstration: “I hallucinate with threats”

Oriana responds to criticism for attending the VOX demonstration:

Oriana Marzoli He has become a protagonist in social networks after publishing a video defending his right to demonstrate and express his discontent with the government’s management in the face of the coronavirus crisis. According to the influencer and socialist of ‘Survivors“Pedro Sánchez’s executive,” the one they say is mega democratic, “he defines, makes him feel” mega coerced “and” without any freedom of expression. “

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Oriana Marzoli supports the demonstration called by VOX

I am amazed by the rain of criticism, including threats, for having attended a demonstration against government mismanagement‘, the former participant of’ has denouncedWomen and men and vice versa‘, who was very active on Instagram during the protests, uploading several stories to share the sound of the booing and the caceroladas.

‘I no longer refer only to the dramatic situation that thousands of people have had to live with the loss of their relatives, but adding the collapse of the country’s economy, especially the small and medium-sized companies that will be greatly affected and that to know how noses are going to get out of this, “argued the Venezuelan about a crisis before which, she understands,” measures could have been taken as our neighboring country Portugal did.

Labrador applauds the gesture

Oriana took the opportunity to ‘invite’ other influencers and public figures to give their opinion. The first to pick up the glove was José Labrador, former participant of ‘Gandia Shore‘who applauded her friend’s speech on social networks. Against, some users rescued a photo of Oriana herself, allegedly skipping the confinement rules when meeting with several people with whom he did not live during Phase 0.



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