Over 5 million TikTok subscribers in a week

Over 5 million TikTok subscribers in a week

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After their musical.ly success, Lisa and Lena are now starting out on TikTok!

The twins Lisa and Lena are back! And how! Within a few days, they got their millions back on TikTok.

Lisa and Lena: Finally back at TikTok!

With their dance videos, the twins became a star overnight. Then in 2018 the big shock:

“> The popular social media app musical.ly is turned off and in TikTok converted. From then on there was total chaos and many users said goodbye. Including Lisa and Lena. To the misunderstanding of many fans, they quickly deleted theirs TikTokChannel with 32 million followers and caused a major change in their lives. Then on May 8th the surprise: Lisa and Lena are back on TikTok! And with success: within a week you can reach 5.8 million subscriptions! (As of May 14, 2020) 😳

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Lisa and Lena have it!

Especially due to the corona crisis TikTok Critically hyped by many German stars! Due to the social distancing, many sit at home, cannot appear and pass the time with the social media app. So too Lisa and Lena. However, they could not build on their success from back then, but had to register from scratch. But their community remains loyal to them! Over five million people are already following him within six days TikTok. Awesome! It takes other stars, months… The girls just have it and now show us that they have not yet forgotten their skills! We can only hope that they will continue to help us with their cool videos through the time of social distancing.

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