Perpetrators probably had a dispute with the “heute-show” team before the attack

Perpetrators probably had a dispute with the “heute-show” team before the attack

State security investigates 15 people who are said to have injured a ZDF team on May 1st. The suspects are said to belong to the left scene.

© Photo: Christoph Soeder / dpa
The camera team of the “heute show” was attacked on the sidelines of a demonstration on May 1st in Berlin by a group of several people.

The investigation into the Attack on a team of the ZDF satellite broadcast “heute-show” from May 1st are difficult. The investigation into the fact “is complex in view of the dynamics and confusion of events,” said the prosecutor on Monday.

Numerous witnesses would have to be heard, previous statements “do not provide a uniform picture in all details,” it said. Images of the crime and the environment and the behavior of the suspects must also be evaluated.

The motive is still unclear: One role in the investigation is that part of the six suspects are already known to the police about politically motivated crime, and one is said to have been identified as a violent offender in 2015.

For the public prosecutor’s office, all suspects are “on the left spectrum”. According to Tagesspiegel information, there had been a dispute between the TV team and the attackers before the attack, the latter did not want to be filmed.

The seven-member ZDF team had on Friday at “Hygiene demo” against the corona containment measures on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, in which rights and Conspiracy theorist frolicked. Here, too, the investigators examine a connection.

Perpetrators had metal bars

On the way to their cars, the TV team, including private security guards, was attacked by a group of around 15 near Hackescher Markt. The police called the raid “targeted”. The perpetrators are said to have used a metal bar. Five ZDF employees were sometimes seriously injured.

The cabaret artist Abdelkarim Zemhouteder, who was there during the shoot, said of the attack on Monday in a video of the “Today Show”: “An attack cannot be much cowardly.” He compared the attack with a “zombie film, but where the zombies can run. ”

One cannot describe how bad it looked, said Abdelkarim. In the beginning he thought the group would run away from the police until he understood: “Oh, it’s really about us.” Then he ran away and got help. He describes the scene as “hitting a completely defenseless group that posed no danger”.


Six suspects, aged 24 to 31, four men and two women, were arrested near the scene of the crime. They had fled with bicycles and a car. Four of them live in Berlin, two are registered in Baden-Württemberg. Arrest warrants were not possible, the evidence was too thin for four suspects, and there was no risk of escape for the other two.

The federal government sharply condemned the act on Monday. “Anyone who attacks, threatens, hurts journalists is far outside our democratic order,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert.

“We have been seeing for a long time that extremists from all walks of life literally trample on press freedom, one of our most important fundamental rights,” said Seibert. It is sad that security guards are already compulsory for journalists in many demonstrations today.


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