“Philippe Clement never wanted me and he used the penalty to keep me away”


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Diagne Mbaye

At the end of his disappointing passage in the Venice of the North, Mabaye Diagne returns to the missed penalty in Paris and his complicated relationship with Philippe Clement.
Arrived at the start of the season in Bruges, after a royal season with Galatasaray, Mbaye Diagne insisted: it was to help the Blauw en Zwart in the Champions League that the Club had brought him in at the start of the season.

Arrived in Bruges for the C1

And Philippe Clement had told him just before his rise to play at PSG, as confirmed by the Senegalese in an interview with the Guardian. “He said, ‘That’s why we brought you in, to help us in the Champions League. So now go ahead and do it.’

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But then there was this missed penalty. And Mbaye Diagne, undoubtedly carried away by the speech of his coach, recognizes that he made a mistake. “I shouldn’t have shot, but I was determined to help the team, I thought I should get to the bottom as I was asked to do, I was caught by adrenaline. ”

“I was banned”

But the ball did not finish at the bottom and the adventure of Bruges of Mbaye Diagne then turned into a nightmare. “I apologized, but I was banned. (…) After a while, I was found the coach and he said to me: ‘I’m the boss, I’m the one who makes the decisions ‘”.

Decisions that have never been favorable to the striker loaned by the Galatasaray who is convinced, Philippe Clement never wanted him. “In my last three months, he hasn’t said a single word to me. I’m sure he didn’t want me to come. (…) He took advantage of the penalty kick to dismiss me.”

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