Photo of daughter Sophia – but criticism from her fans leaves her cold

Photo of daughter Sophia - but criticism from her fans leaves her cold

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Daniela Katzenberger

Finally out on the streets! That was probably what she thought now Daniela Katzenberger (33). Because the beautiful blonde has been in quarantine like almost all Mallorcans in the past few weeks. That seems to have changed now. On a walk with husband Lucas Cordalis (52) and little daughter Sophia (4) the family is visibly liberated and happy. But at the same time, Daniela made an announcement to her critical fans with her Instagram snapshot.

The cute Sophia wore high heels when she was three. But instead of a lot of criticism, there were completely different reactions. You can find out what the fans had to say about the outfit of the little ones in the following video.

Daniela Katzenberger’s follower gets upset

The photo that the cat has now published on Instagram shows her husband Lucas and her daughter Sophia in a princess dress. But it was this dress that made a follower angry: “The child only walks around with costumes, I really don’t think it’s funny anymore … “Daniela shared this message in her Instagram story. But the 33-year-old leaves the reaction of her follower pretty cold. She much preferred to post the picture with Sophia in exactly the same dress with a clear message: “Yes, she is allowed to put on her princess clothes and even out with them, despite millions of (unsuccessful) orders from numerous Muddis who consider this to be non-educational (I raven mother). She can, she can and she will! “Clear announcement to her fans. But Daniela’s message also shows that she doesn’t really care about the know-it-all comments of others.

Daniela Katzenberger receives approval from her fans

While the 33-year-old is proud of Sophia and her cute clothing style, the “Goodbye Germany“-Emigrant also encouragement from her fans.” Sooooo great that she, like YOU, can just put on what she likes, “wrote Mama Iris Klein (52). A fan also commented: “Why should the little one forbid something so beautiful? You should feel like a princess every day.” Another user sees it the same way and wrote: “You are doing exactly the right thing. Let your child, be your child and let your imagination run wild. It is fun and happy, that is the best childhood, keep it up.”

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