piracy returns and supplants Netflix

piracy returns and supplants Netflix

In Europe, and with containment, the download of BitTorrent content has increased significantly, even ahead of the Netflix streaming service in proportion to the Internet traffic used.

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With containment, Netflix gained 15.8 million paid subscribers.

Confinement signals a very strong revival of interest in pirating online content. So much so that during this period, exchanges files BitTorrent – a protocol usually used to download illegal content – has supplanted the very popular Netflix in terms of the proportion of Internet traffic.

According to a study by the cabinet Sandvine, BitTorrent flows in Europe exceeded those of the streaming service, representing respectively 8.38% and 7.69% of all Internet traffic. All this, even as Netflix gained nearly 15.8 million paid subscribers worldwide over the same period, reaching 182.9 million subscriptions in the first quarter. Last year, and at the same time, BitTorrent exchanges were overtaken by Netflix flows, with a much lower share of traffic.

© Sandvine

YouTube, first of all categories

Another lesson from this report: Youtube ranks first in terms of Internet traffic, in Europe and worldwide, with respectively 16.23% and 15.94% of total traffic. It also recorded a strong increase in Europe, with 9.62% of additional traffic allocated, compared to the previous months.

As a reminder, and to avoid saturation of the networks, YouTube has agreed to lower in Europe the default quality of his videos. The increase in traffic noted by Sandvine is all the more significant.

Above all, and a sign of a strong interest in searching information online, unencrypted HTTP flows rise to second place in the ranking. Sandvine sees it as the consequence of heavy traffic on press or government sites, to follow the news related to Covid-19. Finally, Internet traffic increased overall by 40%, all areas combined.


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