Player union VDV rejects criticism of Subotic and reveals need for reform

Player union VDV rejects criticism of Subotic and reveals need for reform

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The resumption of the season in the Bundesliga has not only advocates. Especially the one that is considered to be very reflective Union Berlin’s Neven Subotic had recently commented critically on the upcoming new beginning. The managing director of the Association of Contract Footballers (VDV), Ulf Baranowsky, now pointed towards the Sports buzzer the criticism of the professional back, even if he can understand the arguments.

Among other things, Subotic said that players should have heard more in decision making, and some professionals “are trying to displace it to get their job done.” But Baranowsky replies that the VDV responded very well to the wishes of the professionals, but at the same time he recognized potential for improvement.

VDV “saved players from quarantine camps”

Compared to the Deutschlandfunk Subotic specified that the importance of the player union in other associations is higher. “In Italy and England, the players’ association is an authority that is consulted in such crises. This is not the case here in Germany,” Subotic said of the VDV. And Baranowsky’s statements also suggest that the VDV played an advisory role on the topic – and was not sitting at the table of decisions as an equal discussion participant.

“We spoke to a lot of players in detail about the situation, including Neven.” Ulf Baranowsky (Managing Director VDV)

In addition, it was “through the transfer of player interests to clubs and authorities,”

to save the players a month-long permanent isolation in quarantine camps, “added Baranowsky. But the managing director also recognizes the reform potential of his institution revealed by the crisis. The criticism of Subotic and other players is” understandable and justified. Especially in difficult phases, players have to be better involved in order to find good solutions for everyone. ”

If the VDV has actually only taken on the role of intermediary to be recognized here, one can only follow the argument of Neven Subotic. A stronger position of player interests should be the goal in the future, in order to give more weight to the wishes and concerns of the professionals, especially in such exceptional conditions. If intelligent and objective professionals such as Subotic were to be heavily involved in a new form of association, one would also minimize the risk that the newly formed authority would only become the player’s personal instrument of power. In any case, reform should be sought.


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