Pocho Lavezzi denounced before the Justice that he was the victim of a pornographic extortion in dollars through Instagram

Pocho Lavezzi denounced before the Justice that he was the victim of a pornographic extortion in dollars through Instagram

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Instagram photo: Lavezzi on his break in Saint Barth.

The crystal-clear water and white sand of the Caribbean beaches of Saint Barth they were no longer almost perfect for Ezequiel “Pocho” Lavezzi. The former Argentine soccer player, who spends his vacations on the paradise island, began to receive a series of threats and extortions through social networks that ended in two criminal complaints in a Buenos Aires prosecutor’s office dedicated to investigating cybercrime crimes. Punctually, they threaten him with distribute banned videos and private conversations if you don’t deposit a significant dollar amount, a porno extortion.

“They started writing to him from two Instagram accounts. Not only him but also his girlfriend, the model Natalia Borges, with whom he lives. Specifically, these people tell him that they have their videos and conversations and give him details of the content, that’s why it is credible. Although if they were false it would be extortion anywaySources close to the case explain.

As investigated so far, the former San Lorenzo began to receive messages on his Instagram account in which the extortionist referred him to some videos and conversations that the footballer recognizes as real. He might even recognize who he might have sent to his extortionist at the time. “They are from several years ago, obviously someone saved them”, they point out from their environment.

The figure demanded by the criminal or criminals behind the maneuver is $ 5,000 for each piece of material. You ask the same of your partner.

Faced with the situation, Lavezzi contacted his lawyer Mauricio D’Alessandro and the judicial consultations began, which ended with two complaints in a cybercrime prosecutor’s office in Buenos Aires and in the investigative Justice. The crimes under investigation are that of extortion and dissemination of private images.

“Pocho is calm although attentive to the progress of things. His concern is so that as little as possible of the subject is known. When he hired his lawyer, he made him sign a confidentiality contract, “says someone who is aware of the complaints.

Meanwhile, two sources close to the case confirmed to Infobae the existence of both causes.

One of the aspects that is being investigated It is the relationship that may exist between the person that Lavezzi recognizes as the recipient of the videos and conversations and the extortionists. In the last hours he arrived from the United States, by means of a warrant, the response of the Facebook company regarding the indicated accounts. Although no details were disclosed, the report would indicate that extortionists would not be in the country or at least their Instagram profiles are not based in the region.

It is not the first time that intimate material of the footballer comes to light: in August 2014, a series of photos with clear sexual content of the former San Lorenzo and Napoli together with their then partner, Yanina Screpante, circulated on Twitter and Facebook shortly after the World Cup in Brazil. Lavezzi appeared in a party favors police cap.


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