Police identify 13 people in protests against confinement in Madrid for failing to comply with the distancing

Police identify 13 people in protests against confinement in Madrid for failing to comply with the distancing

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The National Police have identified 13 people in the protests against the confinement in the Salamanca district of Madrid for failing to comply with the distancing, According to the data provided by the Government delegate, José Manuel Franco, in an interview on Cadena Ser, where he has advanced that today a device will be deployed in the area.

“The police do not repress saucepans, they watch over compliance with the law. Legitimate protest is one thing and failure to comply with the rules is another”, stated the government delegate, who clarified that “everyone has the right to demonstrate as want, but another thing is not to comply with the measures of the state of alarm “. After four days of rallies promoted by Vox, among others, Franco has also confirmed that these protests have not been reported, as required by law..

Regarding the saucepan on Wednesday, the most numerous, the Government delegate explained that the agents ordered “without repressive zeal” and in a “didactic” way to the protesters who dispersed after finding that the obligatory physical distancing in the state of alarm was not being respected. The identified group refused, according to their account. The agents came after being notified by the neighbors. This Thursday, however, there will be a device, Franco has advanced.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has defended the protesters because, she says, “many of them are possibly going to be ruined at cost” of the policies of the Government of Pedro Sánchez. “They are taking advantage of the greatest crisis that has occurred in the recent history of Spain to impose a single and dictatorial command,” he said.

Ayuso has alerted the Government that, given its management in the coronavirus crisis, when it is possible to go out into the street, the concentrations that have taken place on Calle Núñez de Balboa “will seem like a joke”.

The Madrid mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has equated these protests with the demonstration that took place from the balconies against Felipe VI. “It is a form of peaceful protest that inaugurated the pan against the King.” “It seems incredible that now they deny it to others”, He stated this Wednesday.

A day later, Almeida has rectified and described these street protests as a “violation of the alarm state” comparable to skipping restrictions on sport. “They do not seem appropriate to me, be it a casserole or make a large bottle, we all agree. Despite the desire that some may have to protest, everything can be done without violating the state of alarm, “he said.

Casserole cannot invade certain issues that have been imposed. If the restrictions are violated, the State Security forces and bodies will have to make the decisions and act, “added the councilor. The Municipal Police, in charge of fines on the street for citizens who bypass the rules in phase 0, only regulated traffic, as confirmed by the Madrid City Council.The mayor has justified that these agents do not have the “competence to maintain public order” and that they acted at the request of the National Police.

Regarding this, the spokesperson for Unidas Podemos in the Congress of Deputies, Pablo Echenique, has demanded a rectification to Martínez-Almeida. In his opinion, “if the demonstration had taken place in a popular neighborhood, all those people would have been identified.” Echenique has considered that it is “upper class demonstrations” called by Vox “where we see upper class people hitting road signs with golf clubs.”

The concentrations of people extended this Wednesday beyond the surroundings of the Salamanca neighborhood, one of the wealthiest districts of the capital and with voters mainly from the Popular Party and Vox. They went out into the street with saucepans, flags of Spain and shouting of “Sánchez resigns” in Aravaca, the neighborhood with the most purchasing power in Madrid; in Pinar de Chamartín and, with little influx, in the Plaza de Chamberí.

The casseroles were also shared by the far-right party Vox on their social networks. “The Spanish stand up against the Big Brother Government of unemployment and misery,” Vox published in its official account.



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