Possible resumption of shows from June and cinemas in July

Possible resumption of shows from June and cinemas in July

Tuesday the Minister of Culture explained that theaters could “reopen gradually” in June and cinemas in July.

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The theaters could “reopen gradually” in June, before cinemas in July, said Tuesday the Minister of Culture Franck Riester, referring to the scenarios studied by the government for the new phase of deconfinement.

“For cinemas, we are working on a reopening from July 1 or early July. For theaters we try to say: maybe we can start to reopen gradually from June,” he said. he says on franceinfo. “It is not decided but it is scenarios that we are working on”, he continued, adding that announcements on these subjects would be made Thursday at the end of the Defense Council which will focus on the following deconfinement and the summer period.

No distinction of departments in red or green zones

The Minister of Culture had already mentioned, about ten days ago, the July deadline for cinemas.

He recalled that, according to the operators of dark rooms, the reopening should be done at the same time on the whole territory, without distinction of departments in red or green zone, to amortize the cost of distribution and promotion movies.

Franck Riester also defended that the government reserved preferential treatment for the Puy du Fou Vendée amusement park, who announced on Thursday its reopening on June 11, claiming to have been informed of a decision by the President of the Republic to reopen tourist sites and theme parks in the green zone on June 2.

The reopening of this park “will be formalized” Thursday, and it will be specified the “modalities” as well as the fate of other amusement parks, he said, adding that this sector was the responsibility of the Secretary of State for Tourism Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne and not from the Ministry of Culture. “My conviction, and I campaign for that, is that we can at the same time gradually reopen the performance halls, theaters, provide gradually reorganize (…) a number of concerts including outside to allow that artists are gradually finding their audience, “insisted the Minister.


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