Pressure on Johnson’s top advisor Cummings increases

Pressure on Johnson's top advisor Cummings increases

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The pressure on Boris Johnson’s top advisor Dominic Cummings is increasing. He is said not to have adhered to Corona requirements.

According to British media, Dominic Cummings has violated the government’s corona requirements on several occasions. His defense is shaking with the new revelations.

Pressure on Johnson’s top advisor Cummings increases

According to new revelations by the Guardian and the Daily Mirror The criticism of Dominic Cummings, the top adviser to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intensifies. He is said to have repeatedly violated the British government’s corona restrictions.

On Friday, the two media had reported that in late March, during the first stringent contact restrictions in the UK, Cummings and his family had traveled 430 kilometers from London to Durham, where his relatives live. Cummings himself had Covid 19 symptoms at the time. According to British rules, Cummings should have self-isolated at home and travel was prohibited.

Faced with the allegation, Cummings said that he had “acted reasonably and lawfully”. He went to Durham to have someone who could take care of his little son if both he and his wife got the virus.

British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps jumped aside Cummings on Saturday afternoon. His concern is understandable, in Durham Cummings also isolated himself from his relatives in a separate apartment and did not leave the place, said Shapps. Cabinet Minister Michael Gove also tweeted: “Taking care of your child and wife is not a crime”.

But this line of defense is torn with the recent revelations from the British media. Accordingly, Cummings was sighted on April 12, during the alleged isolation phase in Durham, by witnesses in a tourist attraction 50 kilometers away. In addition, Cummings appeared again on April 19 in Durham, although he had been photographed in London a few days earlier.

The opposition Labor party demands according to the Daily Mirror a quick clarification of the allegations. British citizens have made important and painful sacrifices to support national corona control, MEP Rachel Reeves said. It is therefore important that the government make it clear “that the same rules apply to their top politicians as to everyone else”. Criticism of Cummings’ behavior also came from members of the British Church, the health authorities and the British police.

The British Prime Minister has said nothing about the case. Secretary of Transport Shapps said in the afternoon that Cummings had the full support of Boris Johnson. Not without adding, however, that he doesn’t know when Johnson found out about Cummings’ trips to Durham himself.

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