Record seizure of cannabis at the Brussels morning market: the VIDEO of the arrest

Record seizure of cannabis at the Brussels morning market: the VIDEO of the arrest

The arrest warrants of two suspects have been confirmed by the Brussels Council Chamber. The traffickers seem to be taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis and the decrease in controls to bring larger quantities of drugs into the country.

We were talking to you this week about this historic seizure of 11.5 tonnes of cannabis in the morning market from Brussels. On images that our editorial staff obtained (see video at the top of the article), the suspects are in the process of unloading their goods when the agents of the federal judicial police intervene with their handguns. Two unmarked vans block access making it impossible to escape.

Maneuver leader arrested

Inside the container and transported so far by truck, 11.5 tonnes of cannabis resin. Historical capture. Denis Goeman, deputy public prosecutor – Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office, informs: “The Council Chamber confirmed the two arrest warrants. Two persons were charged and placed under arrest warrant for the international importation of narcotic drugs within the framework of an association and one of them as manager of this association. ” The manager is the man who rented the container and was unloading the goods at the time of the police arrest.

A particular period

The closing of the borders makes it more difficult to supply narcotics from Morocco. Food cargoes continue to circulate. According to our information, the container unloaded in Antwerp officially contained potatoes. Cannabis was to be dispatched in Brussels to various organizations in Belgium but also in Europe.

Fabrice Guttadauria is a criminal lawyer. Asked during our 13-hour RTL info, he explains that “The period means that the police capacity is much less important. You have these criminal organizations which take advantage precisely of these opportunities to carry out such massive imports.”

Containment also increased demand in the face of declining supply. Additional investigative duties have yet to be completed regarding this week’s historical seizure.