Renzo Saravia went to visit his sick father and 22 people ended up isolated by precaution

Renzo Saravia went to visit his sick father and 22 people ended up isolated by precaution

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01-03-19 – Buenos Aires – Olé – Racing Club Training. Renzo Saravia. Photo: Luciano Thieberger. Buenos Aires Renzo Saravia footballer team player racing club soccer note interview reportage

The visit of Renzo Saravia, former Racing player, Belgrano de Córdoba and the National Team, to the town of Villa de María del Río Seco to see his sick father in full preventive and compulsory social isolation ended with 22 people in absolute quarantine. None were admitted to the town of Córdoba, but they all underwent coronavirus swabbing.

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The footballer traveled from Buenos Aires to Córdoba with a special permit, as reported to Clarion police sources. Saravia arrived in that town last Thursday to see her father, who is not having a good time due to an illness. The player had complied with all sanitary protocols since arriving in Argentina, as he was wearing the Inter de Porto Alegre shirt, where he directed Eduardo Coudet.

Beyond the special permission to transfer between provinces due to a situation of force majeure, the problem arose when Saravia arrived and neighbors who know him came to the family’s house to greet him and take photos with him.

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Renzo Saravia came to the National Team for his good performances in Racing.

But other neighbors denounced Saravia for having gone to a butcher shop to buy a barbecue and share it with family and friends. Thats why he Córdoba Emergency Operations Center (COE) activated the sanitary protocol and isolated 22 people in a preventive way. At the central hospital, Clarion that none of them were hospitalized and that they do the isolation in their private homes until the result of the swabs is known.

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Saravia passed all controls on National Route 9 until reaching the town of Villa de María del Río Seco, 200 kilometers north of the capital Córdoba and 25 of the limit with Santiago del Estero. And then he returned to Buenos Aires.

As reported by the local police, the player had been in Córdoba capital since the beginning of April and met the isolation indicated for those who come from abroad, since he plays soccer in Brazil.

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Commissioner Andrés González confirmed to the press that Saravia had permission to circulate and that she went to visit her father because of the health problem.

The 26-year-old player is a right-back and was born football in Belgrano, and then shone in Racing, where he was champion, which allowed him to also appear in the Argentine national team. Porto de Portugal took it for $ 5,500,000 and loaned it in late February.


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