Restrooms come to the doors of the hospitals to denounce the precariousness

Restrooms come to the doors of the hospitals to denounce the precariousness

Members of the health staff of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital participate in a rally to demand quality health. (EFE)

The collective applause of the citizens to honor the work of the health workers and professionals of basic services have managed to resist one more afternoon despite the de-escalation and the requests to end them. With this, 73 days have elapsed since they began in the different cities and towns throughout the national territory. After more than two uninterrupted months of thanks from the balcony and the windows of the house, initiatives emerged on social networks to end them with “final applause”. Although the noise is less due to the lifting of the restrictions, many citizens have continued with their daily appointment from the balcony to support those who continue to fight the pandemic of the coronavirus.

This Monday, the ‘Sanitary Necessary’ platform called at 8:00 p.m., coinciding with the moment of the applause, the health workers so that they go out to the doors of their health centers “to give visibility to the precarious situation” with their silence. “On May 25 we went out in silence to give visibility to the precarious situation in which we have and are working,” they said on Twitter, while warning that “a second regrowth would be a severe blow” and that “no it can happen again “, because all the workers are” exhausted “.

The call has filled the entrances of hospital centers, especially those located in the Community of Madrid, with nurses, doctors and other health professionals. In the Gregorio Marañón, a group of people has demonstrated on the stairs of the main door, with posters and banners with slogans in defense of public health such as “Public health is not for sale, it defends itself”, “Don’t cut the hands that take care of you” or “We have fought without weapons.”

In this sense, the congregants, who at all times maintained the safety and hygiene distance measures decreed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, they were silent and at 8:00 pm they began to applaud in front of other citizens who came to support and claim public health. Among these, there was also a group of taxi drivers, outside their vehicles, who they joined the claiming act with screams and honking the horn.

In addition, a health company has read at the end of the applause a statement in which it has declared that “the coronavirus crisis has evidenced the deterioration” of the health system. “The cuts and privatization have deteriorated our health. What we have experienced cannot happen again. Health workers are exhausted,” he denounced, who also asked that the reinforcement of troops must be “permanent” and “rest must be guaranteed” of professionals. “Human resources is the most valuable thing in our system,” he stressed.


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