return to Codogno three months after the first case (video)

return to Codogno three months after the first case (video)


After the coronavirus in Italy, life is gradually resuming. This is particularly striking in the town of Codogno, where the epidemic started on Italian soil. Since Monday, restaurants and cafes have reopened. This is in sharp contrast to the situation in mid-February when the first coronavirus infection was detected.

Three months after the coronavirus earthquake arrived, life seems to have returned to normal in Codogno. In the small town 60 kilometers south of Milan, cafes and restaurants have reopened in the past few days, factories have restarted, and religious celebrations are again allowed with the usual precautions. “The people of Codogno are people who have faced this reality with a great sense of responsibility, explains the priest. It shows that people are good.

It’s here in this commune of 15,000 inhabitants that everything begins in mid-February. A 38-year-old man, part of the multinational Unilever, is hospitalized for fever, coughing fits and breathing difficulties. His pregnant wife and father were infected, and the latter died soon after.

32,000 dead

A virus whose spread will then become uncontrollable. “Many of my colleagues have fallen ill, says Fanny, a nurse at Codogno Hospital. We have done everything possible. We closed emergencies, rooms and we made Covid rooms. ”

On February 21, 16 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Lombardy. All localities and neighboring towns are quarantined. The virus managed to enter Europe via two Chinese tourists who tested positive at the end of January in Rome. In three months, the coronavirus has killed more than 32,000 people in the country.

Back on the terrace

Today, the city considered to be the Italian Wuhan wants to get rid of this bad image. “Codogno is called ‘little Paris’, specifies the mayor, Francesco Passerini. It would be nice, once this nightmare ended, to welcome everyone to our city to show what the Lodi region is, what Codogno is, our history, and our excellent products.

After long weeks of ordeal, Codogno breathes again. But residents hope the lifting of restrictions will not translate into a return of the disease.