Robbie Williams: shock diagnosis for his father

Robbie Williams: shock diagnosis for his father

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Robbie Williams: shock diagnosis for his father

In an interview with “”, singer Robbie Williams (46) announced that he is currently very concerned about his Father Pete Conway (70) do. Parkinson was diagnosed with the 70-year-old. A diagnosis that puts the singer in “fear and panic”. Because Robbie is now stuck in isolation in Los Angeles due to the blockage of contacts, while his dad is in the UK. But it is not only the serious illness that causes the 46-year-old father a lot of trouble.

In March the singer had to experience what it means to be separated from your own family. All the more touching was the reunion with wife Ayda and his children, as you can see in the video below.

Robbie Williams: It’s that bad about his family

“We have a lot of family problems right now,” the singer revealed in an interview. “My father has Parkinson’s, my mother-in-law, who I love very much, has a very serious illness. We cannot reach it. My father is thousands of miles away.” Even with his wife’s mother Ayda Field (41) was released last year Parkinson’s detected. But Robbie is also very worried about his own mom. “My mother is only a year before 80 and she is isolated and I can understand how things are spinning in her head,” added the singer.

Is Robbie catching up with the past?

Robbie was concerned in the interview and admitted that the current situation reminded him of difficult past times when he was suffering from depression, alcohol and drug problems. “I noticed at the beginning of the ban that I was scared,” continues Robbie. “But the difference between me now and the person I used to be … I saw it and thought, ‘This is interesting – and tomorrow it will be different.’ And so it was.”

Nevertheless, the singer is aware that he would think too much in the past. He can now deal better with his negative emotions. “I used to think I would feel that way for a decade,” recalls the singer. The former “Take That“Star had a particularly intimate connection with his father. Pete had accompanied him on his tours several times – most recently even in January. A little consolation: Sources from Pete’s environment want to confirm that Robbie’s father is currently diagnosed with shock despite the shock good health.

The family is currently the most important stop in the life of the entertainer. You can see what zest for life Baby Beau gives him in the video below.