“Ronaldinho kicked the door of my house to get me out and integrate”


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Maxi López and Ronaldinho, before a Barça-Panathinaikos of the Champions League.

Maxi López, a striker for FC Barcelona between 2004 and 2006 who has played in 13 clubs and is still active in the Italian Crotone at 36 years old, recalled his time in Barcelona in a videoconference talk with Fox Sports’ 90 minutes of Soccer program.

“I came to Barcelona for my first experience in Europe to a squad with lots of important players and they sat me next to Ronaldinho, explains the Argentine, revealing that “he helped me on and off the court. He would come home and kick me at the door because in the first months it was difficult for me to integrate, to enter into the dynamics of everything, and he would come to look for me, he would take me to eat… He would take me from here to there ”.

Ronaldinho hugs Maxi López PHOTO: MANEL MONTILLA

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Ronaldinho hugs Maxi López PHOTO: MANEL MONTILLA

And detailed that “Ronaldinho It was always like this, he did it with me, with Messi, always with incredible joy. We keep in touch with him, with Rafa Márquez, Giuly, Thiago Motta, Belletti… We put together a really good group, beyond what we achieved on the field. “

A ‘Superclassic’, key in his arrival at Barça

He pointed out that he signed for Barça thanks to a Superclásico against Boca with the River Plate shirt, the club he declares himself a fan of. His team won 1-0 in 2004: “In the match at the Bombonera I exploded through the media, he consecrated me in Argentina. In that championship the club decided to give me space, that classic was the most important of my career, for the sensations and for being a fan of River. The Skinny Schiavi He said that between him and that party they sold me to Barcelona ”.


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